We Grow Our Business From The Soil Up

Shop for organic meats or raw milk from our dairy farm in Holland Patent, NY near Rome, NY

If you're searching for grass-fed, organic and non-GMO food options in your local grocery store, you probably won't find many options. You don't have to pay high prices for fresh produce. You can depend on K&O Farm for organic meats and raw milk without harmful chemicals. We believe good nutrition is a keystone of a healthy life that starts when farmers work harmoniously with the natural world. Our animals are the tools we use to positively care for and impact our land. We always commit to using regenerative practices.

Place an order online for raw milk from our dairy farm in Holland Patent, NY near Rome, NY today.

From our farm to your table

Our farm centers around our love for food, land, family and community. We grow our business from the soil up. We offer a wide variety of food for sale, including:

All of our food is grown right here in Holland Patent, NY near Rome, NY. Call us today to learn more about all our organic meats and raw milk for sale.

Taste the difference in our ethically sourced meats and dairy products

We're dedicated to providing you with the freshest raw milk and beef products for you to enjoy. Our customers have made us their go-to dairy farm because:

  • We've been in the farming industry for over 10 years
  • We make sure all our cattle are grass fed and raised locally
  • We use regenerative agriculture practices
  • We provide competitive pricing
  • We're certified organic

We can't wait for you to taste the difference in our raw milk and beef products. Place an order online with us now!