Learn More About How We Raise Our Livestock

We sell grass-fed beef and fresh dairy products in Holland Patent, NY near Rome, NY

Are you looking for fresh dairy products? Want to start cooking with grass-fed beef products? Place an order online with K&O Farm. All of our dairy cattle, beef cattle, chickens and pigs are pasture-raised and fed organically throughout the span of their lifetime. We have no doubt you'll be able to taste the difference between our beef products!

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Our livestock is a cut above the rest

K&O Farm raises our cattle using regenerative and healthy practices.

Our dairy cattle are:

  • Certified organic grass-fed
  • Raised on a nurse cow
  • Never fed grains

Our beef cattle are:

  • On our pasture throughout their lifespan
  • Certified organic grass-fed
  • Used to reclaim land and push back invasive land invaders

Our chickens are:

  • Raised on a pasture and fed organic grain
  • Part of a nutrient plan to replace minerals in the atmosphere
  • Fed with organic and sustainable options that are high in vitamins and nutrients

Our pigs are:

  • Raised on our farm's pasture and forest
  • Used to push back invasive plants
  • Rotated to different areas at least once a week
  • Forage for wild berries and apples